• The Basic Building Blocks

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We think that other companies make smart homes too complicated (we like to say that they are designed ‘by engineers, for engineers’). At Oomi, we like to make things simple. Whether you end up getting an Oomi Home or something else, these three pages will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy your smart home.

First Things First...

Smart Homes are made by adding little devices to your home. Each device does something different to help you. There are lots of different devices, but they can be grouped into three major categories:

Smart Devices
The Hub

Smart Devices

Everyday devices with wireless control.

These are just smarter versions of things you’re used to- like smart light bulbs and smart power outlets. Unlike your old devices, they have radios inside of them so that they can be told what to do wirelessly. This allows them to be connected to your smart home system, so that they can be controlled from across the room or around the world.

oomi smart devices
oomi the hub

The Hub

The brains of the operation.

The hub is the conductor for your home. It organizes your devices and tells them what to do. It relays your commands to the devices in your home. When you tell Oomi to turn on the living room lights, that command is sent to the hub which then tells the appropriate light bulbs to turn on.


Provide info to help control your home.

Sensors give insight into what’s going on. Oomi uses this information to manage your home. For example, an ambient light sensor can detect when a room is too dark. Oomi uses that info to know that it’s time to brighten your lights. There are lots of different sensors to fit different needs.

oomi sensors

Ready for more?

In the next section we’ll talk about how to control a smart home.
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