• Meet Oomi Cube and Oomi Touch

The First Two Devices In Every Oomi Home

Oomi Cube

The Brains of the Operation

Oomi Touch

The Full Home Controller

Oomi Cube

It runs your entire Oomi Home.

Most smart homes would call it their "hub". Hubs usually don't do much. Oomi Cube is packed with 8 environmental sensors, a night vision camera, and a bit more. This allows Oomi to do more for you right out of the box.

Oomi Touch

Get whole home control.

Oomi Touch is stunning. It is encased edge-to-edge in glass with tactile buttons for quick control and a full 7” touch screen for in-depth control. It comes with Infinity dock. Together they form a single contour.

Together, they do a lot for you.

Jump-start your home with maximum functionality right out of the box.

  • Check-in on Home

    Use Cube’s security camera to see what’s going on inside of your home from anywhere in the world. Night vision included.

  • Entertainment Control

    Use Touch’s tactile buttons for quick control of your TV and entertainment system. Pause your music or skip to the next track.

  • Get Security Notifications

    Cube uses its eight environmental sensors to keep on the lookout. If anything unexpected occurs it will send a notification to your phone.

  • Shortcut Buttons

    Touch’s capacitive buttons can be customized to control whatever you want. Set them to adjust your lighting or turn down your music.

  • Trigger Automations

    Have Cube’s sensors trigger automations , like having your lights brighten when it gets darker.

  • In-Depth Control

    Use the 7” touch screen to control your entire home. Check security camera feeds or create a new automation.