About Oomi

  • Simplicity Starts With Setup

Setup Hasn’t Always Been Simple...

Connecting devices to your home has been tricky to say the least. But you don’t need to take our word for it, see for yourself.

How The Others Guys Do It

Entering Serial Numbers

Just input a series of numbers for each device. You like copying random digits on your phone, don’t you?

Temporary Wi-Fi Networks

Power up the device, search for its temporary wifi network, connect, input your password, and reconnect to your wifi. For each device.

Holding Down Buttons

Put each device into pairing mode by holding down the correct button. Then enter the pairing mode on your phone and hope for the best.

Introducing Tap-and-Touch.
Setup as simple as a handshake.

“Simplicity is Golden”  - Digital Trends


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1. Take Oomi Touch

Oomi Touch has an orange dot on the back for Tap-and-Touch.

2. Choose your device

Each Oomi device has an orange dot on top that marks where to tap.


  • Yup, that’s it. But Tap-and-Touch does more than just connect devices.

  • Get

    Oomi is manual-free. Tap-and-Touch an already connected device to learn more about it and get all the information you need.

  • Change Device

    Tap a device to customize its settings such as sensor sensitivity, control widgets, device name, and more.

  • Set Up

    Tap two devices consecutively to set up an automation.

Learn About Oomi Touch and Oomi Cube

Oomi Touch is just one of your two starting devices. Learn more about Oomi Touch and Oomi Cube