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  • Packed with Privacy Features

Oomi and Privacy

We make simple technology that improves the way we experience home. We believe that privacy should be simple as well. We offer straight-forward privacy options so that you can make the best use of everything that Oomi has to offer.

Camera Feed Privacy Features

Blue Recording Light

Cube’s blue light is hardwired to the camera’s power supply. Whenever the camera is being used the blue light will be on. Period.

Stop Recording

Cameras and microphones are useful to secure your home, but you can turn them off whenever you’d like from the settings menu.

Cut Power

On the bottom of Oomi Cube are two buttons. They make it impossible for Cube’s camera and microphone to work by cutting their power supply.

Lens Cap

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Oomi Cube comes with a lens cap that attaches magnetically and physically blocks its camera.

Banking Grade Encryption

Safely access your home.

Cloud communication allows you to check in on your home from anywhere in the world. We protect all communications with banking grade AES 128-bit encryption so your information stays private.

Extra Internal Security

Encrypt Between Devices.

We take privacy one step further by giving you the ability to encrypt all communication between devices - even within your home.


The “Unconnected” Home

Having access to the internet allows you to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. Still, we know that some would prefer to avoid it. Oomi gives you the option to take your system offline. Although you won’t be able to connect to your home while you’re away, you’ll still have full in home control.

Simplicity Isn’t Just For Privacy

Simplicity starts with set up.

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