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  • Bringing Your Home Together

Bring the best devices into your Oomi Home

We have integrated some of the best smart home devices out there. Turn your smart devices into a smart home.

Nest Thermostat

Making smart thermostat smarter.

Use your Oomi sensors to make your Nest Thermostat even smarter. Whenever your Oomi system detects that you are home, it notifies Nest. Now your thermostat can know that you’re home, even if it can’t see you, keeping you extra comfortable.

Amazon Alexa

Talk to your home.

Your Oomi devices can be controlled using your Amazon devices, including Echo, Dot, and more. Tell Alexa to start your bedtime scene or turn off the lights in your bedroom. Control your Oomi without even lifting a finger.

Philips Hue

A Brighter Home.

Already have Hue lights? Not a problem! They integrate into Oomi so that you can control all the lights in your home from one place. Add them to automations for convenience, or put them into some of your scenes.

Z-Wave Devices

Bring your Z-Wave devices.

Oomi can connect and manage your Z-Wave devices, such as smart door locks, outlets, dimmers, and more. We’re constantly expanding our Z-Wave integrations so that more device types can integrate into your system.

Expand with Oomi

Oomi has a bunch of devices so you can expand your home the way you want.

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