About Oomi

  • True Whole Home Control

  • Entertainment

    Teach Oomi Touch to control your TV so that you can get rid of your old remotes.

  • Security

    Check your security cameras feeds and the status of sensors.

  • Lighting

    Brighten your lights or change their color to fit your mood.

  • Temperature

    Adjust your thermostat or turn on heaters and air conditioners.

  • Music

    Jam out to your favorite playlist. Quickly pause your music or switch tracks.

  • ...And More

    Oomi Touch can control anything connected to your Oomi Home.

Oomi Touch
The new way to control your home.

Smartphone Control Isn’t Smart

Other smart homes flaunt smartphone control because it sounds futuristic and convenient. The truth is that unlocking your phone, waiting for apps to open, and navigating everything on one small screen is a cumbersome way to turn on your lights.

“No more of this ‘smartphone control makes everything super amazing’ nonsense.”

Internet Free Control

Your home should work without Wi-Fi

Oddly enough, most ‘smart’ homes don’t work when you lose your internet connection. That’s because they rely on cloud processing. Oomi controls all of your home without the internet so that you can always turn off your lights.

Control from anywhere.

Use our smartphone apps to check-in.

Stay connected to your home from around the block or across the world. Get instant alerts if something unexpected happens at home. See what’s going on at home by viewing live feeds from your security cameras. Turn up your heat before leaving the office.