• Built to Expand

You’ve got options

Oomi has a bunch of devices to expand your home.

With over a dozen Oomi devices to choose from, you can expand your home however you’d like. In fact, you have over 328 decillion possible combinations of Oomi devices for your home. But no need to rush, you can add devices whenever you’d like.

We’ve Got More Devices on The Way.

We’re constantly expanding Oomi with new accessories that allow your home to do even more!

An Open System

Oomi uses an open communication protocol called Z-Wave. This means that you can connect any of the 1,200+ Z-Wave devices to your Oomi system.

  • Door Locks

    Have your doors automatically lock at night.

  • Garage Door Openers

    Control your garage door with your Oomi system.

  • Water Flow Meters

    Monitor the amount of water your household is using.

  • Smart Switches

    Replace your dumb switches with connected ones.

  • Thermostats

    Control your HVAC system with Oomi.

  • Window Shades

    Close all of your blinds with one button press.

More Integrations

The best smart home products are integrated into Oomi.

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