• Convenience

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Oomi makes your day easier by managing your home. When you spend less time thinking about your home you have more time for what matters most.

Morning Time

Start your day refreshed.

Wake up naturally by having your lighting mimic the sunrise. Your bathroom and kitchen lights come on as you enter. Have your favorite music track play as you eat breakfast, setting the right mood for your day ahead.

Leaving Home

Just walk out the door.

As you leave home Oomi sets everything to "away mode". Your doors all lock, your lights turn off, and your thermostat adjusts to save energy. Your security devices are set to keep on the lookout for unexpected activity.

Arriving Home

Have your home welcome you.

Come home to your house as you like it. Your lights automatically turn on to greet you. Your home turns itself to the perfect temperature so that you are comfy.


Sleep tight.

As you brush your teeth your home starts going through its bedtime routine. Your lights slowly dim throughout the home. Your doors automatically lock and your small electronics are turned off. Goodnight.

How It Works

You can set your home to respond to you with automations. Oomi makes it easy to automate your daily tasks.