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  • Controlling your smart home

It’s Time for the Fun Stuff!

Oomi allows you to control your home in new ways. We don’t just mean that you can now control it with your smartphone (which you can). We’re talking about completely new approaches to controlling your home. Curious? Read on.

Let’s Jump In...

There are three types of control for your smart home.

Individual Device Control

Individual Device Control

Just like a normal home.

You can control everything in your home individually. Turn on a light, adjust your thermostat, or play some music. But, you can also control these devices wirelessly. Our smartphone apps allow you to control your home from across the room or around the world. Unlike other systems, Oomi also comes with Oomi Touch, a dedicated smart home controller that offers more functionality.


Set a bunch of devices at once.

Oomi allows you to create shortcut buttons for setting lots of devices at once, called scenes. A scene is a bunch of devices set a specific way. For example, you could set up a scene where all of your devices are turned off. Now, you can just click on that scene and your entire home will turn off. Check out some other examples of scenes:

Nighttime Scene

In this scene your lights would be off, your doors would be locked, and your security would be turned on.

Dinnertime Scene

In this scene your dining room lights would be set to the perfect brightness. The kid’s TV might also be turned off.

Movietime Scene

In this scene your music would be paused, your TV would be turned on, and your lights would be dimmed.


Have your home manage itself

Once you’ve created scenes that you know and love, you can set them to happen automatically for your convenience. For example, you can have your “nighttime” scene activate automatically when you go to bed. That’s as far as we’ll dive into automations for now. We will talk about how they work in the last section.

You’ve Got It!

Individual Device Control
Control each device individually.
A group of devices set a specific way.
Have your home adjust itself automatically.

Ready for Automations?

In the final section we’ll explore how automations work.
Let’s Do It!